For PULZE the digital unit @ PSG went through a 360° approach developing a digital product—an eCom-solution. Using tools & exercises from Design Thinking, UX Design & CRO we created and are still evolving the Customer Experience within an omni-channel strategy.
Involved in: UX Design, Process Design, Information Architecture, User Testing, Visual Design, Motion Graphics
Creative Direction: Peter Schmidt Group
The process we went through:
01  |  The Beginning

took packaging as reference

Look & feel of initial website

built an initial website version

excerpt of digital guideline

elaborated a scalable guideline

derived motion identity from digital guideline

02  |  First UX analysis
excerpt of improvable points regarding website UX

started UX review internally

improvable topics regarding shopping
improvable topics regarding registration & content structure
03  |  On-site User Testing
excerpt of asked questions & tree testing hierarchy

user testing with device test, A/B Test, Card Sorting & Tree Testing

general insights from on-site user testing
04  |  Evaluation & evolvement
new navigation sctructure

revised information architecture

new navigation pattern

renewed information architecture

example page with a revised content structure

revised content structure & additional functionality

additional web elements enhancing the website’s usability

additional functionality based on users’ pain points

05  |  Optimized workflow
overview of communication & kanban workflow

introduced retros, updates, Kanban & a more agile process based on co-creation

overview of abstract workflow

established an Abstract workflow based on the equivalent & synchronous JIRA workflow

infographic regarding an iterative & successive product evolvement

elaborated an iterative & successive product evolvement workflow incorporating the specific market needs

06  |  Status Quo — Ongoing
user task flow showing available actions when user is on cart page

developing & double-checking user task flows

overview of methods from design thinking to optimize conversion rate

once again trying to establish a user centered workflow

examplary webpage of new product description & showcase

optimizing information/content architecture

integrating more dynamic & informational animations

Other work:

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