MYOMY is a corporate concept for a brand focusing on myofascial release therapy.
Creative Direction: Deni Šimić
Starting Point
Myofascial release is a therapy “that claims to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles.” — Wikipedia
This form of therapy focuses not only on the now trending fasciae (that is everywhere over the media) but on the muscles (myo) lying underneath the fasciae resulting in a symbiotic collaboration between the two.
With MYOMY the idea is to give therapists a platform on which they can inform their patients about the treatment and to establish a brand which distributes the tool that patients can use for themselves in order to treat their aches.
Target Group
While this is a rather special theme there are two main target groups:
On the one side there is the (semi-)professional athlete trying to optimize him-/herself and his/her workout to the fullest. He/She is a person who is ambitious, rather aggressive, trained and versed in terms of health and his/her body while he/she wants to push the limits with every occasion—even after the workout while the muscles try to relax the athlete wants to optimize this process.
Health-aware hobbyist
On the other side there is the health-aware occasional sportsperson who just has some aches here and there and doesn’t want to go the therapist every now and then—either because of the costs or because he/she is ashamed of the frequency of his/her visits.
First Aesthetics
Trying to establish a visual connection between these two sportive counterparts—just as muscles and fasciae are—was hard.
Here are some of the tests I did.
The Logo
More info coming soon …

Other work:

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