The up and coming tech startup FlyNex from Hamburg—who built a service for businesses to easily perform drone flights for the purpose of 3D mapping—asked THINKS to elaborate the interface design for their control center.
Art Direction: Deni Šimić
Creative Direction: THINKS
The System
In order to emphasise the technical background of FlyNex—without appearing to sterile and static—we established a lean aesthetic with light shades of grey and one fresh and highlighted shade of blue.
We defined this color system to be not only applicable for the interface but for the whole business, establishing a facelifted corporate design—in the same breath we gave the existing logo a fresh turn.
The control center
The screendesign is an adaption of Google’s Material Design language, that we refined and turned according to the business’ orientation and obligation. The control center now communicates with a—at first sight—very lean layout and convinces the user with its stable and semantically thought-out flows while maintaining a certain degree of fun and friendliness with it subtle animations for sliders, mouse-over-effects, toggles and buttons.

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