Now, who is that fancy dude who did all the amazing stuff you just saw?

Well, it’s a me! Ma… wait. No. Wrong portfolio …
My name is Deni. Deni Šimić.
Learned to walk in Sisak, Croatia.
Grew up in Frankfurt, Germany.
Studied in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.
Currently working freelance as a digital product designer and permanently at Peter Schmidt Group.
I’m a Swiss army knife.
Graduated with a B.A. in Communication Design and now having 4 years of experience in various fields.
Burning with highest heat for user centered product evolvement.
But only when research was done, KPIs are clear & motion can support guidance & information.
And a furious font-fanatic.
#gottacatchemall … seriously, I’m obsessed with fonts. We could discuss days and nights who shot the serif.
Oh, and I love fixies.
Simplistic and stripped down elementary minimalism in visual and functional perfection.
Or else I’ll get a job at one of your competitors.
And then we’re going to steal your clients.
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