Now, who is that fancy dude who did all the amazing stuff you just saw?

Well, it’s a me! Ma… wait. No. Wrong portfolio …
My name is Deni. Deni Šimić.
Learned to walk in Sisak, Croatia.
Grew up in Frankfurt, Germany.
Studied in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.
Currently working freelance as an art director and permanently at Peter Schmidt Group.
I’m a communication designer.
Graduated with a B.A. and now having 3 years of experience.
Burning with highest heat for motion graphics.
But only when the fundamental editorial or brand design is perfected to the tiniest detail.
And a furious font-fanatic.
#gottacatchemall … seriously, I’m obsessed with fonts. We could discuss days and nights who shot the serif.
Oh, and I love fixies.
Simplistic and stripped down elementary minimalism in visual and functional perfection.
Or else I’ll get a job at one of your competitors.
And then we’re going to steal your clients.
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