wholesome brand development & shop-interfacedesign

The up and coming sportsbrand STRYVE instructed us to develop a whole new system for their corporate identity and assigned us to direct the brand into a more suited direction. Therefore it wasn’t just the visual representation of the brand — including logo, colors, shop-interface and such — but the wholesome reorientation.
Art Direction: Deni Šimić
Creative Direction: THINKS
The System
With modularity and variability in mind we developed a system that is based upon a black-ish darkblue and a white-ish creme-yellow to connote the aesthetic of a monochrome brand while maintaining a certain individuality.
The picturemark is based upon the brand name itself and the connotations it develops when pronouncing the name — STRYVE equals strive equals trying and failing and standing up again and again … the actual systematic of doing sports. Keeping that in mind we developed a point-symmetric signet to maintain that character of trying and failing and getting up again.
For the typography we decided on the kind of geometric, kind of humanistic and pretty individual Circular by Laurenz Brunner which is distributed over at Lineto
The print application
The pictorial world
The digital application / interface design

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