Easy Time-Tracking.

In our 6th semester at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd we prototyped a time-tracking-tool for freelancers and smaller agencies.
The goal behind this tool is to marginalize all the small problems you encounter while working and simultaneously having to track your time you spent on a project.
Partner: Stefan Weimeier
Sancho helps you with your time-tracking by importing your already recorded deadlines, fetching your calendar data, suggesting work-pause-intervals based on the pomodoro technique and permanently learning how you work.
As an AI that’s learning with every data you record, Sancho becomes your companion. It’s up to you what you want to use him for.
Sancho / Onboarding
New Projects
Fetch your calendar data to automatically import project name, deadline, notes & contacts.
Or you do it manually, like everything else.
Sancho / clean state
As convenient as sleeping.
You don’t even have to remember hitting the track button because Sancho observes your project folder and as soon as you open an observed file Sancho starts tracking.
Automatically. And you just do your work. Or take a nap.

And if you’re paranoid about letting an app control your time tracking behavior then you may still do it on your own.

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