Logodesign & Corporate Essentials

The sweet and strong one-woman-show behind Pinguli contacted us — at THINKS — to elaborate a new logo for her handmade clothing label for little guys and gals.

Art Direction: Deni Šimić
Creative Direction: THINKS
The System
So we went on playing with the name, the associations and the brand & label itself to conclude to a all-in-one logo. Everything had to be kind of cute — only not too cute and childish.
So with the name „Pinguli“ and the general shape of a penguin we were lucky to be able to combine both of them into a unified signet.
Serving both little guys and young gals, the color definition was clear to us — and it even played in our cards as we wanted to establish a somehow variable and modular system.
The print application we didn’t print
(but that’s how we imagine it)

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