FlyNex Control Center

Interfacedesign for a website application

The tech-startup FlyNex from Hamburg contacted us — at THINKS — to conceptualize the interface for their upcoming control center.

Art Direction: Deni Šimić
Creative Direction: THINKS
The System
To establish a fluent and coherent interfacedesign we needed to make a few adaptions and alterations to the existing corporate design.
So we decided to minimalize and reduce their logo, clean it up and give them a few hints and tips on the way on how to use it.
Furthermore we focused on one of their blue tones, make that one their primary color and add shades of grey for the sake of hierarchy. That meant that we already had a clean and techy looking foundation that suits FlyNex.
And to give the branding an overall coherent look we changed the corporate font from the Nothing-To-Say-Arial to the geometric but still fabulously friendly Gordita by Thomas Gillett which is distributed over
The Details that matter

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